Wordsearch - hints

Click on the hints below to reveal them:

  1. Follow the spiral.
  2. Hang on, this isn't a wordsearch at all! Following a path through the grid and reading off letters will get you nowhere.
  3. But you will need to S E A R C H. In that order.
  4. Don't feel too bad about doodling.
  5. Start with S. Work your way anticlockwise.
  6. For each letter, find the highlighted version of it around the edge of the grid. This is your orientation for that letter.
  7. Start at the top and go anticlockwise - you'll trace a letter.
  8. Don't forget to rotate it back, if needed!
  9. You'll need one letter for each of the letters of SEARCH. To let you know if you're on the right path, the first letters are q and u.

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