Postcard - hints

Click on the hints below to reveal them:

  1. Dreams are fickle, but they have a logic to them.
  2. What's that in the picture?
  3. Feel free to use Google if you can't recognise something.
  4. Did you get all 10 yet? Don't worry if there's one or two missing — you should still have enough for the next step.
  5. Extract a message — the answers are clued by that message.
  6. Whoever wrote that puzzle description had no idea what they were on about.
  7. These words all have something in common. But what?
  8. The connection has to do with the spellings of the words, not their meaning.
  9. Both answers share the property that the rest of the words have.
  10. Look for letters in the words.
  11. If you're still not seeing the connection, ask a mathematician for help.

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