Dreamcatcher: A Science Fiction Puzzlehunt

"What are dreams? "The human mind's capacity to dream is intrinsically linked with its ability to understand. We dream to process our memories, to analyse our relationship with the world. A dream is like a program which clears up our internal data banks; ranks our priorities; decides what to remember and what to forget. Without dreams, a human being surrenders to information overload. Without dreams we cannot function; cannot live. "Dreams, then, make us human."

— Unpublished notes, Professor Alia Gold

Inspired by EMF 2018's theme of Artificial Intelligence, Robotics, and Privacy, Dreamcatcher is a science-fiction thriller where you are the protagonist. At the cutting edge of scientific research a terrible thing has occurred, but was it a tragic accident, murder, or something different entirely? You'll need to use every bit of your brain to investigate, discover, and solve.

Future Events

Kentish Town, Sat 22nd / Sun 23rd June

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Past Events

EMF Camp 2018, Eastnor Castle Deer Park


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